<div class="py-5 text-center"> <div class="container"> <h1 class="dtext-color">Manage Online Orders through iEatery</h1> <p>Online food ordering has been one of the most common thing in this &lsquo;new normal&rsquo; world. iEatery has made managing online food ordering easy for the restaurant owners with its Pro App &amp; portal. iEatery is a team of talented and hardworking individuals, dedicated to growing your business through increased sales &amp; retention of clients, by offering the necessary online services needed to grow in today&rsquo;s world.</p> </div> </div> <div class="bg-light-grey py-5"> <div class="container"> <div class="row align-items-center"> <div class="col-md-5 order-md-last"><img src="/images/online-ordering_order-management_online-order-management-system-of-ieatery.jpg" alt="Online Order Management System of iEatery" /></div> <div class="col-md-7"> <h2 class="dtext-color">Online Order Management System of iEatery</h2> <p>Once a restaurant owner sets up his/her virtual restaurant on the app and designs the menu to be offered online, customers can place orders for their favorite foods and try new dishes too. The iEatery Pro App can be easily installed on any smartphone or tab. With the customers&rsquo; app, any food lover can place an order to a particular online restaurant.</p> <p>Each time an order is placed, the restaurant owner is notified through the app. Now, it&rsquo;s time for the restaurant to either accept or decline the order. Once the order is accepted, the customer is notified and can track the whole process till the delivery. After preparing the ordered dish, the restaurant owner hands it over to the delivery person contacted by iEatery, and the customer is notified &lsquo;Order Dispatched&rsquo;.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="py-5"> <div class="container"> <div class="row align-items-center"> <div class="col-md-5"><img src="/images/online-ordering_order-management_benefits-of-online-food-orders.jpg" alt="Benefits of Online Food Orders" /></div> <div class="col-md-7"> <h2 class="dtext-color">Benefits of Online Food Orders</h2> <ul class="check-square"> <li>Straight order without having any misunderstanding</li> <li>No waiting in a busy line over the phone</li> <li>No following-up through phone calls</li> <li>Scope of investing time &amp; human resources in further customer care</li> <li>Fastest review</li> <li>Increased scope of customer retention</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="bg-light-grey py-5"> <div class="container"> <div class="row align-items-center"> <div class="col-md-5 order-md-last"><img src="/images/online-ordering_order-management_build-your-restaurant-brand-with-ieatery.jpg" alt="Build Your Restaurant Brand with iEatery" /></div> <div class="col-md-7"> <h2 class="dtext-color">Build Your Restaurant Brand with iEatery</h2> <p>The iEatery team is happy to help you find success, on your restaurant journey, whether you are launching a new business or living your dream.</p> <ul class="check-square"> <li>We provide you a solution that best fits your need, we can build your E-Commerce Websites with your logo, your name, your brand with a state-of-the-art menu and order management system.</li> <li>We also provide you with a cost-effective solution, where you can have our unique URL forwarding solution, your customer will type in your website name, and they will order online in a few click of a button, you will increase your sales and bond with your customers. Our dedicated iEatery team prides in taking the responsibility to support &amp; grow your business.</li> <li>We will help you develop your marketing &amp; sales strategy and increase your customer base by using our state of the art Review Central Engine for your restaurant.</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div>