Social Media Marketing


One of the biggest social media marketing opportunities you’re presented with as a restaurant owner is Facebook, as it is the cheapest and most accessible platform to market and advertise on. Facebook has the widest and most diverse audience you could ask for, which gives you the best options to promote and interact with all your customers, as well as prospect customers as well.

Your customers could check all the information related to your restaurants, such as operating schedule, address, reviews, and menu.

They can also check-in at your restaurants when they visit, visit your website, upload pictures to your page or tag your restaurants in their media uploads, and message you.

Ke Benefits Automation


Instagram is your second go-to social media marketing platform. Being entirely based on pictures and videos, it becomes an amazing tool for posting food pictures. Food pictures are one of the highest trends on instagram, so it’s a match made in heaven for your restaurant!

Tags and hashtags are how your restaurant gets found online through searches on this platform, so you must use the correct hashtags to utilize the platform to its full potential and drive the most traffic to your restaurant.

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Google My Business

Although Google My Business is not a social media platform, it’s still a very powerful tool that you should use if you want your restaurant to grow to its fullest potential. GMB offers a lot to your online presence in the digital modern world we live in.

Basically, GMB lets business owners to claim their businesses’ location(s) on Google Maps, allows the pictures of that business to be tagged through GPS data, and lets customers leave reviews on your page on Google Reviews.

A significant amount of people pull up the information of the restaurant they’re visiting on Google Maps to check the routes, look at pictures, and review what other customers have to say about your restaurant. Doing so improves your ranking on Google when people are searching for restaurants near them.