Website for Restaurants

Why Should Your Restaurant Have A Website?

Providing customers with a website to visit so they can check your menu, promotions, directions, contact you, or order online; gives them the convenience they are looking for.


Accept orders & reservations online in real time as customers make them. Make it easy to convert your visitors to loyal customers by offering them the convenience they seek

Menu Management

iEatery will take care of all the behind-the-scenes, technical mumbo jumbo your hosting needs. You focus on how good your food is and we will take care of the IT backend support.

Marketing Services

A website is a living breathing component of your business. You need to make regular updates and we are here to support you.

Launch Package

Using promotions can help you attract new customers, and retain your existing ones.


Rewards programs generate Brand Awareness, and aim at capturing the attention of prospect customers, as well as earning the loyalty of your current ones.


Our representatives are always on stand-by to help you with any inquiry or issue you might have.

Our “NO RISK” Guarantee

iEatery is a website design company that is used by restaurants worldwide. The websites we create are easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and content rich. With NO SET UP FEE and A FREE 30 Day Trial, there is no reason not to try our services. You will not be disappointed.