Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an amazing platform to use to market your restaurant because of our modern-day Food Blogger trend. People post pictures of their favorite dishes at restaurants, which acts as an extra lead generating tool. So by posting pictures of your restaurant, your food, your special offers; you're able to promote your business AND get your customers to do so as well.

Key Benefits

  • Establish Online Presence
  • Promote your website on instagram
  • Reach a wider audience of customers
  • Attract customers with pictures and videos about anything related to your restaurant
  • Get your customers to generate leads for you by posting about your restaurant



What We Do

If you choose to implement Instagram marketing, we will completely automate your posts, meaning we come up with captions and attach them to your website url with the use of hashtags; to draw in the curiosity and interest of your existing customers and your prospect ones.

You will have 60 different posts attached to 60 different pictures of your food, videos, and restaurant. The 60 captions are then rotated to re-promote the pictures of your food and so on.

This acts as a recurrent promotion of all your meals, as well as special offers and events, so you're able to establish online presence in the digital world and your customers' minds.

Instagram marketing