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Our Overview

iEatery means your food court who are working on establishing a new horizon for your online Restaurant business since 2017 in the USA. We deliver food to your doorstep. We are always working on ‘ordering made simple’.

June 1, 2021, we launched in Bangladesh. Our primary goal is to develop restaurant online marketing strategy by providing them an online platform where they can reach new customers and new markets. We also provide a platform where a customer can get a delightful food experience from their home.

We provide an online platform where restaurants join through registration which opens up a new world full of food lovers. Our team consists of skilled and dedicated professionals devoted to helping you build your business. Our team focuses on developing strong customer relationships by providing the required services that focus on developing the brand value of your company to help you succeed in today's society.

If the new restaurant owner looking for new customers or an existing restaurant wants to expand its customer base, iEatery team will make it our priority and give utmost importance to your restaurant’s values, visions, and goals to bring them to reality. Our team always will be there to provide guidelines in terms of personal face-to-face support alongside focusing on your restaurants getting maximum sales and reaching new customers. iEeatery team believes that the restaurant’s owners are satisfied and customers will be satisfied as well. Our team provides a platform where restaurant owners can directly communicate with their customers, not only that but give you full control of your restaurants through our website and app. Our team will assist your business in being found by new local customers that are looking for a new food experience that you provide.

iEatery is committed to prove your restaurant's business with full support and guideline through the journey of online platform making it a smooth experience for restaurant owners to expand their business. iEatery admires the food lovers through which it brings value to your business.


  • Making online restaurant service easier.
  • Making restaurants available to new customers and markets through an online platform.
  • To achieve the restaurant's own brand value.


Creating a new horizon for the online restaurant business and making online ordering easier.

Company Scenario

Our Program Including Country: Bangladesh | USA

Total Number of Restaurants : 42 | 596

Establishment : 2021 | 2017

Here’s What We Offer

  • We provide daily clearance of your Revenue within 24 hrs. when you pay from our system.
  • We will provide custom-built websites and access to our app and website dashboard where the restaurant owners will have full control over their restaurant menu, can custom-build promo codes, customers review, and get in touch with their customers in person.
  • We also provide cost-effective alternatives, such as our unique URL forwarding system, which allows your consumers to enter your website order online with only a few simple pushes of a button, resulting in more sales and a stronger relationship with your customers.
  • Using our state-of-the-art Review Central Engine for your restaurant, we will assist you in developing your marketing and sales plan and expanding your client base.
  • We have our own delivery system. Also, if you want, you can use your own delivery system.

Your whole iEatery package comes with a very fast & easy setup process, and we'll help you every step of the way.The iEatery team is happy to help you find success, on your restaurant journey, whether you are launching a new business or living your dream