Cam Garlick

CEO | President

Cam is more than just the CEO and President of iEatery; he works in every aspect of the company as well; Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Training; you name it. He expertly and wholly understands the restaurant business, and is constantly coming up with the processes to implement and improve the company. His brilliant business mind is designed to make his employees’ and clients’ jobs more successful and efficient. He thrives on helping everyone around him, and never gives up trying to spread motivation and positivity into the world.

Favorite food: Sushi

Carlos Aguirre

Director of Sales

Carlos has been working in the financial services industry for the past 25 years, 20 years of which he spent in the insurance industry. He also handles the training sessions for our salespeople. When it comes to sales tactics and techniques, Carlos’s mind comes up with marvelous ideas to generate more sales to both iEatery, and our clients. He strongly believes that proactive actions create results, and his motto is, “Success is the sum of skills, action path, consistent perseverance, divided by your efforts”

Favorite food: Loves all food, especially Fusion Food

Kimilee Gould

Customer Relations Manager

As our Customer Relations Manager/Office Manager, Kimilee is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service for all our clients. She is the go-to person for site updates & concerns, and will always make sure it reaches the right representative to handle in the most efficient and satisfactory way. She’s excellent at helping our clients’ sites reach better ranks, regardless of the industry. Her expertise makes her a delight to work with, both for clients and at the office.

Favorite Food: Tex Mex and Fruit (though not necessarily together!)

Gabriel Garcia

Project Manager

Gabriel overseas the entire iEatery team, and makes sure that everything is getting done efficiently and on time. He is also the middleman between our team in the USA and in Bangladesh; he makes sure the communication between all team members, from our interns to our CEO, is excellent. He also contributes to other aspects such as Client Relations, where he facilitates the transfer of information between our clients and our Marketing department.

Favorite Food: Spicy Goat Curry with Garlic Nan

Evan Islam


Evan is also the founder and a partner in Central Station Marketing, LLC, the quintessential Internet marketing agency in the home services industry; specializing in online lead generation for contractors in the home performance field. Evan’s Internet experiences are equally as extensive outside of the home services industries. He recognized an amazing opportunity in the restaurant industry, and helped create the programming and software needed to bring iEatery to life. He frequently pitches in with the team to find new ways to improve our services.

Favorite Food: Vietnamese Pho