Our Customers’ Valuable Feedback

"We closed a location in the past due to low traffic, and we wish we found iEatery before then.. It would still be running and we'd probably be opening another location. We are iEatery Nation!"
Nayma Sultana, Owner at Maaida

"Never would have thought our missing piece was simply iEatery. We are now looking to open a new location and spread the island taste! Thanks iEatery!"
ANM Mithu, Owner at Momo House - Sector 13

"I love this system. I practically have everything I've ever needed to run a successful restaurant! I'd recommend the hell out of iEatery!"
Jakir, Owner at Jakir Mamar Chotpoti and Fuchka-uttara

"We had our best months because of iEatery. We are looking for another location and will make sure we have iEatery with us. We are iEatery Nation!"
Akther Ahmed, Owner at Makkah Hotel And Restora