Top 10 food courts in Uttara

Top 10 food courts in Uttara

Uttara is a busy place. The market stalls are packed from morning till night, & the rush hour traffic doesn’t let up until late into the night. But that doesn’t mean the food courts in Uttara are neglected. On the contrary, Uttara has some of the most lively food courts in Dhaka. Here’s a look at the top 10 best food courts in Uttara.

Jakir Mamar Chotpoti and Fuchka-uttara

1. Jakir Mamar Chotpoti and Fuchka-uttara

This is a great place for street food, & you’re likely to find something for everyone. His Fuchka & Chotpoti are very famous in Uttara. Let’s take a bite from here

Location: House-19, Road-10, Sector-13, Uttara

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Indian Dosa Express,sector-12

2. Indian Dosa Express, sector-12

Indian Dosa Express is another famous food court in Uttara. They serve mainly South Indian food & they are famous for their Dosas. On the other hand, they have lots of traditional dishes, like Chicken Chola Bathora, Tandoori Chicken, & Chicken Alu Paratha more dishes they have. if you wanna taste those vibes visit the place.

Location: 85 no house, Shahmakdum avenue, Sector #12, Uttara, Dhaka 1230

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Comillah Chotpoti & Fuchka Gar

3. Comillah Chotpoti & Fuchka Gar

This is also a great place to go for a good, spicy snack. They have different types of spicy food on the menu. Like: Fuchka, Doi Fuchka, Chotpoti. The food here is cheap & delicious, & you’re unlikely to find any better in the area.

Location: House no-6, Road-16, Sector-13, Uttara

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Comilla Chotpoti

4. Comilla Chotpoti

Comilla Chotpoti & Comillah Chotpoti & Fuchka Gar Different Food Courts. But the owner is the same. The two food courts in Uttara are famous for their Fuchka & Chotpoti.

Location: Shah Makdum Avenue Road, Beside Porcto Surgery Medical, Sector #12, Uttara

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Delicious Momo

5. Delicious Momo:

You know, I know, one of our favorite dishes is Momo. This food court has a Delicious type of Momos. Such as Steamed Chicken Momo, Steamed Spicy Chicken, Chicken Momo in Chili Oil, & Prawn Momo in Chili Oil. Those Momos will change your taste vibe. Do not miss the vibe of taste.

Location: H-1/A, Road-5, Sector-7, Beside Rajuk Commercial Market Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Oven Story Pizza

6. Oven Story Pizza:

Oven Story Pizza is another popular Food court in Uttara. They have different types of spicy crispy tasty naga Pizza, such as Naga Bomb, Beef Chui Pizza, and Minced Beef, etc. It sounds like Yummy. If you wanna taste it, go & visit that place.

Location: House-04, Road -03, Sector-13, Uttara, Dhaka Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Comillar Bikkhato Doi Chira

7. Comillar Bikkhato Doi Chira:

Bangali has the biggest relationship with Doi Chira mixed, every Ramadan we taste that dish. In this Food Court, we can taste Various types of flavors on this court, Like Doi Chira Double, Doi Chira Combo, & Special Doi Chira Single, etc. Do not miss the traditional dishes. Go & Check-in.

Location: Johora Market Tea Store, R-1/A, Sector-5, uttara, Dhaka Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Tacos Real Mexicano Food

8. Tacos Real Mexicano Food:

Tachos Real Mexicano food is the unique food court in Uttara, they serve tasty food with a real taste of Mexicano Flavor. The food court is well known as a place for their food. The items are Mexican Cheeseburgers, Mexican Chicken Sub-Burgers, Mexican awesome salads, etc. They also have lots of items on their menu. If anyone wanna enjoy real Mexican food then Go & Check-in.

Location: House-41, Garib-E Newa Avenue, Sector-11, Uttara, Dhaka Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Tea O'Clock

9. Tea O'Clock:

Those people who think a cup of Tea can solve everything. It can be if you go to Tea O’Clock. They serve very politely with their various types of Tea & Coffee. The flavors are Hazelnut Coffee, Cafe Latte, & Black Coffee. They also have other meals on their menu. You can also enjoy them. Like: Sandwiches-Burgers, Finger Food, Oven Baked Pasta, etc. If you wanna visit that place then click that Order platform we can arrange the Dine-In.

Location: House-84, Gausul Azam Avenue, Sector-13 Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Hot Fresh Pizza Uttara

10. Hot Fresh Pizza Uttara:

Hot Fresh Pizza Uttara is a well known place for its delicious Pizzas. The items on their menu are Pepperoni With Chicken, Cheese Pizza, Jalapeno Pizza, & Dhaka Pizza. Go & Check in that place.

Location: House-43, Road-18, Sector-7 Uttara, DHAKA 1230

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Here is the Top 10 Food Court in Uttara. The famous Jakir Mamar Chotpoti & Fuchka-Uttara, the highly recommended Indian dosa express-sector-12, the popular Delicious Momo, the ever-popular Tacos Real Mexicano Food, the delicious Oven Story Pizza, the delectable Tea O’Clock, & the incredibly Hot Fresh Pizza Uttara. There's something for everyone at these TOP 10 Food courts, so make sure to try them out when you're in Uttara!